Calendar of the Soul

Twenty-eighth Verse

Twenty-ninth Week

  I can, in newly quickened inner life,
  Sense wide horizons in myself.
  The force and radiance of my thought --
  Coming from soul's sun power --
  Can solve the mysteries of life,
  And grant fulfillment now to wishes
  Whose wings have long been lamed by hope.

English translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch

  Ich kann im Innern neu belebt
  Erfühlen eignen Wesens Weiten
  Und krafterfüllt Gedankenstrahlen
  Aus Seelensonnenmacht
  Den Lebensrätseln lösend spenden,
  Erfüllung manchem Wunsche leihen,
  Dem Hoffnung schon die Schwingen lähmte.

The Year Participated translation
by Owen Barfield

  I can, with inborn life renewed,
  sense my own being's amplitude,
  as radiant thought with power filled,
  shed from the Sun-within-the-soul
  on life's perplexities,
  to many a wish its true fulfillment brings
  when hoping had but paralysed its wings.

(provided with the kind permission of the Rudolf Steiner Press)